Connect Group Services (CGS) Positive Employment Eco-System (PeES) is a portfolio of services for the supportive approach to securing work, upskilling capabilities, optimally managing our working life and mitigating burn out whilst maximising productivity and ensuring a positive approach to Mental and Physical Health


ConnectWellness are qualified and experienced ‘Wellness Ambassadors’ who represent the importance of Positive Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing. We operate either onsite (at your workplace) or offsite; working to enhance emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees through 1:1 support, psycho-education and promoting good mental health habits.

ConnectCareers - Connecting

ConnectCareers is an online Job Search Platform that connects the contract provider industry with career contractors for seamless integration into the Transformed World of Work. Through the ConnectCareers platform, recruiters and organisations that require specific capabilities are able to advertise the roles and connect directly with job seekers looking for their next contract opportunity.


ConnectEducate provides organisations with staff training requirements the opportunity to Connect with Training Colleges to engage in the most appropriate curriculum and access government funded subsidies allowing a low-cost/no cost option for maximising upskilling staff subsequently improving on business operations.